Weekly Class Schedule:

Monday: 3.5/4.0 (Intermediate/Advanced) 9-10:30

​Monday 3.0/3.5 (Beginner/Intermediate) 10:30-12pm

Wednesday 6:30-8pm (Co-ed, All level hit and play) $10!

Thursdays 11:30am-1:00pm GCC Members only co-ed drill (Free)

Sundays 4-6pm "Powerball" (Cash Prizes) GCC Members Only

All adult classes $20 per session (Wednesday Night Class is $10)

Ladies' Teams (Spring 2020)

USTA Teams

Love on the Run (Weekday 4.0) Fridays

Netchix (Weekday 3.5) Thursdays

Slammers (Weekday 3.0) Fridays

Racq Pacq (Weekend 3.0) Saturdays

Pocket Aces (Weekend 3.5) Saturdays

RRR (Weekend 65+ 6.0) Sundays

WTTA Teams

Whackateers (Tuesdays, Flight 3)

Rackateers (Tuesdays, Flight 2)

Cool Catz (Tuesdays, Flight 2)

Miss Hits (Wednesdays, Flight 4)

Summer Teams 

GCC 7.0 (9am Sundays)

GCC 8.0 (noon Sundays)

Whackateers (9:30am Tuesdays)

Slammers (9:30am Wednesdays)